Monsoon rain hits London in high summer, Steam rises like a Saigon film set, People on green triangles run for cover, Kids whoop and scream as they scramble, Abinger Grove’s token trees glisten, Branches bow, bearing the deluge, Streams carve through dusty concrete deposits, Mucky puddles pool and leap at trouser hems, China fingers sweep aside … Continue reading

No More Sugar Pills

No more sugar pills, Doctor, I am done With thimbles of candy, Before breakfast or lunch, No more blister packs, So putridly-named, Bursting out daily, Deliquescing membranes, No more menthol ills, The mint is too sickly, The sweetness too cloying And inhaled too deeply, No more violent guts, The churning is endless, This heaving, for … Continue reading

Fly Cemetery

Regression.   At 4am, the night’s great depth, Despite the coming morning clatter, The sinless sleep like John the Baptist, Silent on their silver platters, The grave lie, fitful in the treacle, Aching roots and tender gums, Clawing at the church and steeple To shelter from the faceless huns, Ay! These demons swoop and snatch … Continue reading

Devil in a Used Dress

Another Kanye-inspired set of lyrics. Everyday for him is escapism for me, I guess. I’m going to record this to Berthex’s Devil in a New Dress instrumental, sometime over the holidays. Apologies to Rick Ross’ braggadocio.  I met you in the atrium, lips shredded from the nervousness, Grandeur awe, gold gilding in the portered lifts, Elevate … Continue reading


Elliptical orbits, Calmes étoiles, Postcards from Sierra Leone, Delaminating ticket stubs, Years of concourse hide and seek, Oaken shutters, Airborne dust, Reconciling ageing trinkets, Cutlery from God-knows where, Tarnishing in creaky drawers, Whiffs of spirits, Morning ash, Bobby pins on bedside veneer, Salty bedsheets cling to torsi, Heavy-scented waking skin, Converted gaslights, Threadbare coats, Emporia … Continue reading

Thirlestane View

I Water vapour condenses On cold glass, adding weight, Frosting any light falling in Through the thin, single pane, High noon sees the room stay dim In these drab, winter months, Slushy greys smear brickwork on Outside walls, puce shopfronts, Crimson flashes fade quickly In pale sun, like old clothes, People on cobbles totter Unsteady, … Continue reading

Blackberry Lily

My collarbone scar rubs red in the evening showers, Dusty shapes looming through the early hours, I watch the sun come up, clouds drawn above the fascia, Another morning wrapped up in Galatians, I removed my timepiece and we both shared the context, Everything I know is anodised with subtext, Private lexica, condemned to papers … Continue reading


Blame Games

I wrote this to the beat of Kanye West’s Blame Game, hopefully I’ll put it to original music soon. You were always such a fearless aphrodisiac, Cause a pressure change, force a heart attack, Now you call me up asking if I’m wearing black, Well maybe I am, Baby girl see you got inside my … Continue reading



Blue lips Hands in pockets The tang of waxed jackets Frosted car bonnets Snow fights Your painted nails Leave love bites Grab my hair and hold tight Sore eyes Raw hips rouge Blow smokey plumes Concealing me and you Kiss me Just once more Coralie, for me leave Our clothes on the kitchen floor.


My love, she twists and twirls through fire, Where politicians dare not tread, Where desert boots melt in the heat And bass wakes children in their beds, Casting hearts and minds aflutter, A ballet on a dusty floor, Her sweat drips saline down her neck, Soles dirty with this barefoot war, A company of fusiliers, … Continue reading


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